Pilot work reports

Reports from the series of local pilot work

The local pilot Work will be initiated in the autumn 2016.


The local pilot strategies were planned in June 2016.


The local pilot prospects and PR-materials will be published in August 2016.


An important part of the upstart of the pilot Work will be to complete local courses for the involved culture volunteers in Sept 2016.

  • The course programmes and curricula can be seen here latest Oct 2016


The upstart of the local pilot work will be evaluated latest december 2016.

  • The evaluation reports can be seen here latest Dec 2016

Pilot Work during 2017

The local series of pilot work will be implemented and completed during the second project year, Jan - Dec 2017.


The implementation takes place in Jan - Sept 2017; and the completion with evaluation and final reportingtakes place in Oct - Dec 2017.



The local evaluations and the common evaluation report can be seen here

later in Dec 2017 - Jan 2018.




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