"We get a breakdown of Denmark, where the winners are the big cities with their educa-tion, good job opportunities and attractive culture. The losers can look forward to closures of schools and other welfare institutions. There are more holes in the roads, and a longer time before they are repaired“.

Lea Louise Holst Laursen, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University


"Culture is the modern industrial policy (..). The transformation from industrial to knowledge society is

on-going. One of the prerequisites to attract skilled labor is well-functioning cultural and recreational opportunities“.

Development Manager Rune Larsson, Hjørring Municipality


Reports during the project

Reports and other documentation

The intellectual outputs produced during the project are surveys, strategies, concepts, methodologies, and curricula, and most of the work are documented and published as E-publications.


All these E-publications will be distributed during our dissemination activities, and they will be available at this project website.


The copy right to these publications belongs to the Project Consortium, but they may be used and quoted with source reference.


The main reports to deliver are:



During the first project year:


  1. A series of need surveys and the common multilateral need report, Feb – June 2016
    1. A series of local pilot strategies and a multilateral pilot strategy report, May - July 2016
    1. Local evaluations of the initial pilot work and a common evaluation report, Dec 2016


    During the second project year:

    1. Local evaluations of the implemented pilot work and a common interim report, Sept 2017


    1. Local evaluations of the completed pilot work and a common final report, Dec 2017


    During the third project year:

    1. The final multilateral Handbook on methodology, six languages, May 2018


    1. A series of pilot course programmes for culture volunteers, Aug 2018
    1. The final curricula compendia, Sept 2018


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