Baseline surveys

Baseline surveys, Feb - May 2016


The overall aim is to clarify the current state of art by providing baseline surveys in each partner country with recommendations for the subsequent pilot work.

Guidelines for the local surveys

The intention is not to make a complete survey of the provision of culture activities by voluntary culture associations  in sparsely populated areas in each country, but more limited:

  • To outline the current culture policy in each country / region with reference to the project issue and the need for a better policy.   
  • To find and analyse 2-4 examples of good practise in selected communities in sparsely populated areas in each country, where voluntary culture associations and their volunteers make a difference
  • To clarify the risks and challenges to involve voluntary culture associations to strengthen the local communities in sparsely populated areas, especially what do they need to do a better job? 

See the completed local surveys

The Danish survey:       English edition - Danish edition

The Finnish survey:       English edition - Swedish edition

The Polish survey:         English edition - Polish edition

The Belarusian survey:  English edition - Belarusian edition

The Lithuanian survey:  English edition - Lithuanian edition

See the final multilateral survey

The multilateral survey, English edition, June 2016

The Summary of the multilateral survey, English edition, August 2016

The essential recommendations

Sparsely populated areas face stark challenges to revive the local communities and promote housing and employment, but they also represent an opportunity to rebuild a community and strengthen local identity through artistic and cultural activities.

voluntary art and culture associations can play an important role to make our marginal areas more attractive to new residents, tourism and businesses, because:

  • Art and culture help to create the community and unity that can save a village or area from being emptied of content.
  • Inclusion in art and culture gives new life and creates responsible citizens.
  • A vibrant cultural life and an enhanced community can create a more sustainable society, where all citizens are ready to take responsibility for their own and others' lives and for the local community as a whole.

To secure cultural sustainability in these areas, we need to strengthen the “citizen help citizen" or "peer to peer approach", where civil society associations from the cross-cultural sector of amateur arts, voluntary culture and heritage develop their capacities and competences to provide more available and involving arts and culture with an added value for civic participation, community bonding and local identity.

Local activities

Exibition in the cummunity house in Selde, Denmark.

Event in  the manor of Trakai Voke, Lithuania

Exibition at ETNOMANIA in Wygiełzó , which is one of the most important event on the Polish Crafts Track.

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