Dissemination activities


More information about the main dissemination activities can be seen during the autumn 2016 at the sub-menus:

The dissemination plan

Aims and objectives

The overall aim is to implement dissemination activities during the whole lifespan of the project providing information on the progress and results to the planned target groups.

Dissemination will take place from the beginning of the project and intensify as results are becoming available,

The objectives are

  • To raise awareness of the project and its outcome.
  • To transfer the results to own organisations and their networks (embedding).
  • To transfer the results to related organisations from the cross-sector of amateur arts voluntary culture, heritage and cultural centres (multiplication to the direct target groups).
  • To achieve support from main decision-makers and other multipliers (mainstreaming to the indirect target groups).

Key activities of dissemination

We intend to reach and transmit the results to the wide range of direct and indirect target groups by the following means:

  1. News-mails after each of the six partner meeting that bridges the main steps of the project. The mail-lists with planned target groups were prepared by all partners at the start-up of the project, and the lists will be updated during the project.
  2. Leaflets presenting the project in English and in all partner languages, which can be attached to news-mails and uploaded to websites.
  3. The project website, which gives in-depth information about the progress and outcome of the project and possibility to download the main documents. The website was launched after the kick-off meeting, and will be updated on a continued basis.
  4. Promotion at the websites of the partner associations with links to the project website and downloads of leaf-lets and main project publications.
  5. Ongoing use of special social media sites for the project by the partners with link to the project website and possible downloads.
  6. Presentations at relevant meetings, seminars, conferences in the partnership and in other organisational or personal network meetings.
  7. Publication of articles and interviews in own journals and other magazines and media.
  8. Wide virtual distribution of the multilateral Baseline Survey, the Pilot Work Report and Curricula Compendia with press-releases in own languages for target groups in own countries and in Eng-lish for other countries in the wider Baltic Sea community. 
  9. Main dissemination in relation to the five national conferences and the Baltic Sea conference in the final third phase, both before, during and as follow-up.
  10. Focused exploitation initiatives, with personal meetings with main decision-makers, researchers and other multipliers, during and especially at the final stage of the project.

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