The initiation of the pilot work in Poland, autumn 2016

The start of the pilot work

FAIE initiated cooperation with 2 groups of active people:  The Spichlerz Association from Czernica and the Group of Góra Ropczycka, Podkarpackie voivodeshi.


We selected the Groups by using a qustionaire; and we went to visit them and discussed the LEVER project, their stories and their motivation to participate and their needs to work more effectively.

The Spichlerz Association from Czernica

The association comes from a small village in the Silesian voivodeship. It is a group of active people, various age, both locals and people, who moved in to Czernica from bigger cities. They have worked together for about 5 years now, for 3 years as an association. They are very active, and they care about good cooperation and understanding between the local people and the newcomers.

Since last year they run, as an NGO, a culture house in Czernica (there was a competition for managing the culture house and they won). It is not common in Poland that NGO runs a culture house. They have also founded a social cooperative recently (runs cafe in the cultur house, plans to create touristic offer – the culture house is located in an old palace of the local aristocrat, with very interesting history). The association cooperates with local authorities, they have good relations. They have built those relations for years – and it can be shown as a good practice of inter-sectoral cooperation.

Czernica is a village with a long history. Next year there will be 750th anniverary of founding the village. The Spichlerz Association is organising events for this anniversary (will be in June), inviting other local active groups and persons to cooperation. We will support them with it.

The training was done mostly as planned. We have focused on possible sources of co-financing cultural events, good practices on building networks, and marketing/promotion activities around it. We have also organised for the leader of the Spichlerz Association to take part in a training ”Local brand building” in Bielsko-Biała, formally, as our volunteer. The training was 1 day long, took part in November.

The non-formal group from a village Góra Ropczycka, Podkarpackie voivodeship

This is also a group of local people and those who moved in to the village from bigger cities. Not formalised yet. Góra Ropczycka organises a very well known event in the area, called ”The Bread Festival” . But there are not much more local events that could interest the local community.

They have a beautiful park with a space shaped as a natural amphitheater as an asset. They would like to use the park for organising some more events. Also have support of local authorities. Very motivated to work for the local community (creating things interesting also for themselves). Since they are not formalised yet, they have decided it would be the first step for them. They are discussing on the form: foundation or association?

The training: We have agreed to run a webinar for them, showing the pros and cons (opportunities and weaknesses) of these 2 forms of formalisation: foundation/association. It will take part in December.

The implementation of the pilot work in 2017 


More infornation about the im plemented pilot work and the outcome in 2017 will be presented in the spring 2017 and it will be updated during 2017.

Culture event in Czernica

Culture event in Czernica

Handicraft market

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