The initiation of the pilot work in Lithuania, autumn 2016

Start of the pilot work

All our members were informed about the LEVER project after the first partner meeting, February 2016 in Copenhagen.

They were invited to offer various proposals on what to do and brain-storming took place by phone, Skype, e-mails and meetings. It took for about two onths.

After the second partner meeting, June 2016 in Bistrampolis manor in Lithuania, we decided to do two pilot works: One in Saldutiškio manor and another in Akmenos manor.

The pilot Work at Saldutiskio Manor

Saldutiskio manor is located in the small village, Saldutiški that is llocated in Utenos district. The

manor is know from the end of the eighteenth century. The owner of the manor is our association president Arūnas Svitojus. Arūnas with his family have various of events in the manor, they work with local organizations and help them with charity events., they support activities in the small l village, and in the future they might give some job opportunities in this small region.

Training: The first training event was held in October 22. The subject of the training was:

"Preparation and organization of civil movements and the strengthening of local community identity formation, in order to attract volunteers to revive the culture of local communities in sparsely populated areas". Everything went as planned. We had a lot of manor owners, who attended and shared a lot of experienc on, how volunteers can help to restore and promote our cultural heritage, and what we can do to improve our manors and attract people to them. Also there were discussions about future project that we can do with our future partners around Lithuania.

The pilot Work at Akmenos Manor

Akmenos dvaras is located in Akmena city in Anykščių district. The owner of this manor is our

board member, Regina Žirgulevičienė. There are a lot of events for the community located

there. We planned to have the second training event here.

Training: The second event was held in December 2nd. The main goal was to continue and  expand the topics from the fiirst training program and keep the work in progress on how to attract more volunteers in the area of cultural heritage. We came to conclusions, that the main thing is to bring more work to these regions. If there is more work, the cultural heritage can get more attention and we can keep them alive.


In both training events we discussed the LEVER project and opportunities we can do with this project help. Almost every week we are creating news feeds and send information about local activities in sparsely populated areas, where volunteers make a difference. 

As we can see our cultural heritage activities give a huge impact in strenthening the local communities in the sparsely populated regions. The work to preserve and promote our cultural heritage gives hope that we can give jobs and ability to live in such places. Every volunteer who

helps the ideas to come true is helping culture to grow and give big impacts in such regions.

The implementation of the pilot work in 2017 


More infornation about the im plemented pilot work and the outcome in 2017 will be presented in the spring 2017 and it will be updated during 2017.

Event during the Bistrampolit Festival

Event during the Bistrampolit Festival

Programme for the culture festival at Raudondvario Manor

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