The initiation of the pilot work in Finland, autumn 2016

The start of the pilot work

FSU initiated cooperation with 2 NGO´s:

UF Kamraterna and Smedsby uf. We have met them both and discussed the LEVER project, their stories and their motivation to participate in it, their needs to work more effectively.

UF Kamraterna

The NGO, UF Kamraterna was founded in 1951 and has about 400 members. The association shall endeavor to organize meaningful activities for their membership in the clubhouse or nearby places. The ordinary activities is divided into three sections, "Sports and Exercise", "Leisure and Youth" and "events and functions."

Also in this organization, the distances seem to be an issue as the stretches are a bit further out in the rural areas. Then again, they like the fact that associations often seem to have their own house in the more sparsely populated areas. That´s rare in urban areas. Over the past year we UF Kamraterna have organized movie theatre evenings in the clubhouse. These have attracted up to 40 participants. Last year they organized about 280 events at the clubhouse. The key seems to be to offer a broad range of activities for the inhabitants in the community, even during the winter months.

The greatest challenge here seems to be that It happens so much these days. The competition for the young people's time is hard. Another problem is the clubhouse that constantly requires new renovations. They should now renew the roof and that will cost about 40,000 euros.

The training: They would need new enthusiasts to the association. They also lack a functioning division of labor as they have difficulties knowing who is doing the various tasks within the association and things often remain undone. We have discussed, during our meeting in October, possible solutions of crowfunding, co-funding and resource allocation. We have also talked about best practices and building networkds.

Smedsby uf

Smedsby is an youth NGO, founded in 1912. They have about 180 members. They produce a lot of different cultural events in the area, specially theater. Smedsby UF is in Ostrobothnia, which is in the west middle part of Finland.

A challenge for them, being active in a rural area, is that the distances become longer in terms of both the events visitors and goods that needs to be transported to the site. Then again, they think that the feeling of really being part of a community might be stronger in rural areas in comparison to associations in more urban areas.

The training: As many others, they have difficulties getting the economy rolling. Someone must always find time to apply for grants and so on. Another challenge is the old association house that constantly require some form of renovation. They also need more voluntary workers. We have discussed, during our meeting in november, possible solutions of crowfunding, co-funding and resource allocation. We have also talked about different strategies for attracting new members and volonteers.

The implementation of the pilot work in 2017 

More infornation from the im plemented pilot work and the outcome in 2017 will be presented in the spring 2017 and it will be updated during 2017.

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