The initiation of the pilot work in Denmark, autumn 2016

Partners and place for the pilot work

The National Association of Cultural Councils in Denmark cooperates with the local Cultural Council of Guldborgsund municipality, which include the Island Falster and parts of the Island Lolland in Southeastern Denmark.

The content of the pilot work

The pilot work will focus on cultural heritage with the theme of water, as water has meant a lot to the people of Falster and to their history.

The Vikings sailed Far East and south from here, and throughout South Falster the villages are flowed through with channels, that have been important for trading, fishing and contact between villages. In most of the villages with channels you´ll find artifacts, which have something to do with the water: Dikes, pumping stations, locks, watermills, fish factories, ships, castles etc.

For a long time these artefacts have not been maintained to the great annoyance of the inhabitants, who feel that "their" region is not being taken seriously and that this is one of the reasons - together with abandoned houses - that makes people escape from the villages. Therefore, they now want to help rehabilitate these historic sites and make them attractive so that both newcomers and tourists want to come to the island.

The initiated pilot work

After the initial meeting with the local cultural council of Guldborgsund in May 2016, there have

been some emails back and forth between the local project team of Sydfalster and the project leader, Bente von Schindel, Secretary general of the National Cultural Councils.  In addition, there have been two meetings with the Cultural Council of Guldborgsund and other key stakeholders.

The local cultural council has set up a steering committee, including residents from the affected villages and a representative of the municipality. At the meeting of 22 November, Bente von Schindel made an interview with the members of the steering committee to be aware partly what skills they already possess partly what skills they feel they lack.

From this dialogu, they created the program for local training courses for culture volunteers and hope to cover the needs of the volunteers which are as follows:

  • The ability to articulate this knowledge to politicians, foundations and citizens
  • The ability to manage a project
  • Knowledge about how to apply for funding
  • Knowledge of the importance of civil society and its role in relation to the municipality
  • Knowledge of working with social media and internet communication
  • Knowledge of accounting
  • Knowledge of tourism
  • Knowledge of trade

The implementation of the pilot work in 2017 

Community dinner at Horbelev Citizen Centre

More infornation about the im plemented pilot work and the outcome in 2017 will be presented in the spring 2017 and it will be updated during 2017.

Break during a idea workshop in Horbelev

Citizen Centre.

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