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United Way 

The Belarusian name is “Беларуская рэспубліканская грамадская арганізацыя "Аб'яднаны шлях". The English name is “"United Way" Belarusian Republican Non-Governmental Organization”. The acronym is UW.

United Ways started in 1995 as the first National NGO Development and Support Centre that provided non-profit initiatives mainly with technical and information support. UW has since then grown into a Centre with a multitude of services, including consultations, trainings, outreach, publications, volunteer services, etc.

United Way has taken a leadership role in the support of the development of Belarus' non-profit sector. In 2001 the Centre launched a new program United Community House aimed at the collaboration ef-forts of the three sectors' representatives (NGO's, state institutions, and private business) by intro-ducing them to a wide range of information, consulting, training, and integrating activities with an agenda specifically tailored to promote capacity building of the civil society in Belarus.

United Way has implemented a number of large projects, some of them are “United Community House”, (supported by Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, United Way International); “Find your Way”, Increase of the role of Belarusian NGOs in social stabil-ity, (supported by European Commission TACIS Program); Program for Support to Partnership and Civil Society Development (UNDP Office in Belarus and Partnership for Culture of Swedish Institute.

Key compentences for the project:

InUW has as the main NGO Development and Support Centre in Belarus expertise in development work  also in the sector of voluntary arts and culture; planning of curricula and courses; culture sur-veys and reporting;  information services and wide scale dissemination.

"United Way" Belarusian Republican Non-Governmental Organization

Web:  http://en.ngo.by

Tel.:  (+375 29) 630-32-76

Mail:  uwb@ngo.by

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