FAIE -  Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives

The Polish name is "Fundacja Alternatywnych Inicjatyw Edukacyjnych". The English name is "Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives". The acronyme is FAIE.

FAIE is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. FAEI was founded in April 2011 in Bielsko-Biała (South of Poland, Silesian Province).

The FAIE’s main aims are

  • to provide  Life Long Learning in the civic, social and professional life;
  • to promote and support vocational and personal development through culture and art (professional as well as unprofessional);
  • and to protect and keep the cultural heritage as a part of the national identity.

From the beginning FAIE supports development of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Southern region of Poland by training and advisory in the field of democratic empowerment, and FAIE has established wide networks and recognisability in the NGO sector in Poland.  Another field of Life-Long-Learning promoting are activities directed to seniors and cooperation with the Third Age Universities. In the field of arts & culture FAIE develops support for craftsmen at promoting their works and keeping the cultural heritage, also, in modern forms. FAIE has also started to prepare a guide for alternative culture places in the region (private museums, art galleries run by NGOs etc.).

Since 2011 FAIE is conducting a field research to create a list of local professional and non-professional folk artists and craftsmen, developing applied arts and decorative applied arts of high artistic, aesthetic and quality value in use. We have already gathered about 30 artists of arts such as lace making, wickerwork, embroidery, wood-carving, smithery and stained-glass making. We regu-larly participate in craftsmanship fairs both in Poland and abroad. This way FAIE has established contacts with craftsmen, unprofessional artists and craftsmen associations in Poland.

Key compentences for the project:

FAIE has expertise in training, advisory and development work in the sector of voluntary arts and culture, not least in sparsely populated areas; planning of curricula and courses; and providing cul-ture surveys.

Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives

Ul  Ukryta 14,

PL-43 300 Bielsko Biala

Web:  www.fundacjaaie.eu

Tel.:  (+48) 511 551 439

Mail: faie@fundacjaaie.eu

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