KSD -  Cultural Councils in Danmark

The Danish name is “Kulturelle Samråd i Danmark. The English name is “National Association of Cultural Councils in Denmark”. The acronym is KSD.

KSD is a non-profit civil society cultural organisation with a public legal status, mainly funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture.

KSD is the national association for the local voluntary cultural councils that have been established in most of the Danish municipalities.

The local voluntary cultural councils are umbrellas for local volunteer associations within amateur arts, voluntary culture and heritage, and they help to ensure that citizens are involved and that the civil society is heard, when it comes to local voluntary culture. Moreover, the local voluntary cultural councils together with their members are organizers of arts and cultural events with professional artists within theatre, music, art exhibitions etc. and are volunteers within museums, cinemas, libraries, local archives etc. On average every local cultural council have 55 member associations, which again on average has 192 individual members. It means that the 50 cultural councils across the country represent a total of approximately 528,000 individuals, and it is said to be a fairly significant part of the Danish cultural life!

The aim for the national association is to improve the conditions for the voluntary cultural sector. KSD assists in establishing new local councils, perform advisory services to the local cultural councils, arrange courses, meetings and conferences, and manage different development and mapping pro-jects in a Danish, Nordic and European context. In addition to that, KSD handle the contact to the authorities and participate actively in the cultural debate, publish newsletters, a journal twice a year and books about the voluntary cultural sector.

Key compentences for the project:

KSD has as an national umbrella for the voluntary culture expertise in development work  in the sector of voluntary arts and culture in all parts of the country; planning of curricula and courses; culture surveys and reporting;  and in wide scale dissemination.

Kulturelle Samråd i Danmark


Farvergade 27D, 3.

DK - 1463 København K

Web: www.kulturellesamraad.dk

Tel.: (+45) 53 63 13 26


"There is no doubt that the experiences with art, culture and heritage can move people and change their lives for the better - that we are enlivened and enlightened by being involved in art, culture and heritage."

Vision Paper for the voluntary cultural area, April 2015

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