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Interfolk is a Danish non-profit association based on individuals sharing an interest to promote humanistic and democratic learning capacities in a civil society context.

The conceptual basis of Interfolk is based on the Nordic Grundtvigian tradition of liberal adult education and the wider European humanistic traditions of Enlightenment and Bildung  – where the main emphasis is on freedom of mind, personal autonomy, active citizenship, cultural diversity in the context of a strong civil society, a free public debate and a living democracy. 

The main objectives are

  • to promote liberal adult education and cultural learning that focus on personal autonomy, active citizenship, social inclusion, and cultural cohesion,
  • to create partnerships with Nordic and European associations within liberal adult education, NGO-activities and the spheres of voluntary art and culture,
  • to ensure that the objectives of lifelong learning adhered to by the European Commission and the Nordic Council of Ministers also continues the best of the intentions of the Nordic-European tradition of Enlightenment and Bildung.

The activities of Interfolk include research, development projects, courses and debate activities as well as other cultural activities - in a Danish, Nordic and European context.

Interfolk is a member association of

  • the Baltic Sea NGO Network Denmark
  • the Baltic Network for Adult Learning (BNAL)
  • the International Platform for Citizen Participation (IPCP)
  • the European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities (Amateo).

Key compentences for the project:

Interfolk has expertise in international project management and development work, curricula

provisions and surveys in the field of voluntary culture.

Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society

Skovgade 25

5500 Middelfart


Web: www.interfolk.dk

Tel.:  (+45) 51 300 320

Mail: info@interfolk.dk

"Aesthetic matters are fundamental for the harmonious development of both society and the individual."

Friedrich von Schiller

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