The partnership circle consists of six organisations from the Baltic Sea region.

You are welcome to contact the project leaders from the six organisations, if you

◾ want to know more about the project;

◾ need advice to initiate similar cultural activities;

◾ or have ideas for collaboration about pilot work in other sparsely populated areas. 


Interfolk, Institute for Civil Society

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, Head of Institute

Mag. Art. (History of Ideas and Philosophy)

(+45) 51 300 320

National Association of Cultural Councils in Denmark

Bente von Schindel, Secretary General

MA (Nordic Literature and Rhetoric)

(+45) 53 63 13 26

Finnish Swedish Youth Association

Tomas Järvinen, General Manager

(+358) 40 5844 655

Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives

Agnieszka Dadak, President 

(+48) 511 551 439

"United Way" Belarusian Republican Non-Governmental Organization

Alicia Shibitskaya, Executive Director

(+375 29) 630-32-76

Lithuanian Castles and Manors Association

Vilma Dečkutė Žukauskienė, Executive Secretary

(+370) 60 14 41 20

This NGO project has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers' Programme for NGOs in the Baltic Sea Region.

Decision making


The Steering Committee of the project  consists of  the six project leaders from each  participating organisation.

It holds the supreme authority with reference to the approved work programme and the conditions of the Grant Contract with the Administrator of NGO Programme in the Baltic Sea Region.


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