Copenhagen, April 2017

Copenhagen, April 2017


Time and place

The third meeting took place

10 - 11 April 2017 in Vartov, Copenhagen.



Bente von Schindel, KSD (DK)

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, IF (DK)

Tomas Järvinen, FSU (FI)

Agnieszka Dadak, FAIE (PL)

Rafał Dadak, FAIE (PL)

Svetlana Roussanova, UW (BY)

Zigmantas Kmita, LPDA (LT)

Regina Žirgulevičienė, LPDA (LT)

Aim and objectives

The aim of this third meeting was to bridge the initiation of the pilot work during the autumn 2016  (WP 06) to the implementation of the pilot work during 2017 (WP 09), summarizing the state of the project and lead the way forward for the project and the partners.

Agenda and minutes

The agenda of the third meeting, v2 can be seen here

The minutes of the third meeting, v2 can be seen here

Presentations of initiated pilot work (WP 06) and plans for implemting (WP 09) 

      P2, KSD - presentation of initiated pilot work (wp06) and plans for implementing (wp09)

P3, FSU - presentation of initiated pilot work (wp06) and plans for implementing (wp09)

P4, FAIE - presentation of initiated pilot Work (wp06) and plans for  (wp09 and wp12a)

P5, UW -Presentation of initated pilot Work (wp06)

P5, UW - presentation of plans for implementing pilot Work (wp09)

P6, LPDA - Presentation of initiated pilot work  (wp06)

P6, LPDA - presentation of plans for wp09-wp12

Places and cultural excursions during the meeting

Vartov in the heart of Copenhagen

Vartov is an historic and beautiful building with Copenhagen City Hall as its closest neighbour.

Vartov is known to have had the famous Danish poet, priest and adult educator N.F.S. Grundtvig as pastor in 33 years from 1839 to 1872 at the Vartov church which is part of the building complex.

In 1947 the Danish Grundtvig Society took over Vartov. The building underwent an extensive resto-ration and was particularly adapted for their new purpose, which was a continuation of the Grundtvigian youth and educational work.

Today the Grundtvig library and the Grundtvig Academy as well as many educational and cultural umbrella associations have addresses here.

For more information - See 

Participants from the third meeting.

Visit to the office of Cultural Councils in Denmark at the third floor in Vartov.

Lunch at cafe Catz

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