Bistrampolis, June 2016

Manor of Bistrampolis, June 2016

Time and place

The meeting took place 20 - 22 June 2016

at the Manor of Bistrampolis in the district of Panevėžys, Lituania

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Bente von Schindel, KSD (DK)

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, IF (DK)

Tomas Järvinen, FSU (FI)

Agnieszka Dadak, FAIE (PL)

Rafał Dadak, FAIE (PL)

Alitsyia Shybitskaya, UW (BY)

Regina Žirgulevičienė, LPDA (LT)

Aiste Varkuleviciute, LPDA (LT)   

Aim and objectives

The overall aim of this second meeting is to bridge the start-up analysis and pilot work strategy (WP 03 and WP 04) to the initiation of the pilot work, June – Dec 2016 (WP6), summarizing the state of the project and lead the way forward for the project and for the partners.

The objectives are:

  1. To present, discuss and clarify the outcome of the baseline surveys (WP 03)
  2. To present, discuss and clarify the provided local pilot strategies (WP 04)
  3. To detail plan the upstart of the local pilot work (WP 06)
  4. To refine the budget and work programme, especially for WP 06
  5. To plan the dissemination activities
  6. To plan the evaluation plan and procedures
  7. To clarify reporting of 1st project year and re-applying for the 2nd project year
  8. To evaluate the preceding work and current meeting

Agenda and minutes

The agenda of the second meeting,v1 can be seen here

The minutes of the second meeting, v1 can be seen here


Presentations  at the meeting

P1, IF - LEVER, presentation of Background, v2

P2, KSD - Presentation of mini-survey, wp3

P2, KSD - Presentation of pilot work strategy, wp4

P3, FSU - presentation of mini-survey, wp3

P3, FSU - presentation of pilot work strategy, wp4

P4, FAIE - presentation of mini-survey, wp3

P4, FAIE - presentation of pilot work strategy, wp4

P5, UW - presentation of mini-survey, wp3 and pilot Work strategy, wp4

P6, LPDA - presentation of mini-survey, wp3

P6, LPDA - presentation of local pilot strategy, wp4

History of the restored Manor of Bistrampolis

Bistrampolis manor – it is a part of our countryside historical memory and national culture. The cur-rent generation feels a sense of responsibility for continuity of our forefathers’ culture, but the current Lithuanian economical and social relations, allocation of rights and responsibilities does not guarantee the preservation of heritage. Many of the manors aggrieved during the wars waned or were devastated in later times and continues to wane.

The object of Cultural Heritage of Lithuanian Republic, Bistrampolis manor with archaeological, his-torical and landscape value is located in a very favourable geographical location - 14 km from

Panevezys, near Uliunai village, 700 meters from the road Via Baltica.

Bistramai family has owned the manor till 1940. Later the manor was nationalised and neglected. When Lithuania regained its independence the descendants of Bistramai family were offered to take back the manor and rebuild it, but they have rejected the offer. New owners did not take care of the manor, the park and the buildings were waning.

Since 2003 the manor is fostered, supervised and rebuilt by the Public institution "Youth integration possibilities centre” . With efforts and resources of the Centre the historical, architectural, polychrome and park studies were made; central manor house reconstruction project was prepared. The road to the manor was asphalted, a parking lot was equipped, pools were cleaned and park was landscaped since 1997. Already traditional Bistrampolis Festival is being held every year in June-August.

For more information see the website:

Presentation during the partner meeting

Dinner with the Rimantas Gudelis, priest,  and manager of the Bistrampolis Manor.

Introduction at the meeting with members of the Lithuanian Castles and Manors Association. .

Event during the Bistrampolit Festival

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