Helsinki, Nov 2018

Helsinki, November 2018

Time and place

The meeting takes place November 2018

in Helsinki, Finland


Expected participants

Bente von Schindel, KSD (DK)

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, IF (DK)

Tomas Järvinen, FSU (FI)

Agnieszka Dadak, FAIE (PL)

Rafał Dadak, FAIE (PL)

Alitsyia Shybitskaya, UW (BY)

Vadim Makovetski, UW (BY)

Regina Žirgulevičienė, LPDA (LT)


Aim and objectives

The overall aim of this sixth and final meeting is to plan the final sustainable dissemination of the project and to evaluate the project.


The objectives are:

  1. To evaluate the outcome of the Handbook on Methodology (WP 14), the national pilot courses (WP 15) and the Curricula Compendia (WP 16)
  2. To evaluate the outcome of the national conferences (WP 17) and the concluding Nordic conference (WP 18)
  3. To plan the final dissemination (WP 20 A)
  4. To evaluate the overall project (WP 20 B)
  5. To plan the final reporting to stakeholders and Nordplus Adult (WP 20C)


Agenda and minutes

The agenda of the sixth meeting,v2 can be seen November 2018

The minutes of the sixth meeting, v2 can be seen lNovember 2018

Presentations at the meeting

Presentations will be published later


History of FSU



Text will follow


Photo from the partner meeting will follow later.

Photo from the partner meeting will follow later.












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