Helsinki, Aug 2018

Helsinki, August 2018

Time and place

The meeting took place 21 - 22 August 2018 at the FSU Office in Helsinki, Finland



Bente von Schindel, KSD (DK)

Hans Jørgen Vodsgaard, IF (DK)

Tomas Järvinen, FSU (FI)

Vilma Zukauskiene, LPDA (LT)

Apologies: Agnieszka Dadak (PL) and Svetlana Roussanova (BY)

Aim and objectives

The aim was to bridge the 2nd and 3rd project year and lead the way forward for the project work. The objectives were:

- To guide the concluding work with the Pilot Work Report (WP14)

- To evaluate Curricula Guidelines including recommendations for pilot courses (WP15)

- To plan the test of the national pilot courses (WP 16)

- To outline recommendations for the Curricula Report (WP 17)

- To decide time of Baltic Sea pilot course in Askov and clarify programme frame (WP 18)

- To decide time and frame of the second meeting in Askov (WP 19)

- To plan the dissemination during 3rd project year (WP 22a)

- To plan the process evaluation and plan the impact evaluation during 3rd project year

Agenda and minutes

History of FSU

The finnish-swedish youth associations are nonpolitical organizations that provide cultural and other activities for young people. There are nearly 270 finnish-swedish local youth associations in Finland, with almost 50,000 individual members.

The finnish-swedish youth association movement was founded in 1888 and the first youth association, Malax UF, was founded by Johannes Klockars.

The associations organize activities according to the needs and wishes of their members. The most popular activities are theatre and dance. The associations are also active in developing their local communities and in contacts with youth organizations in the other Nordic countries.

Youth societies are supported by the Finnish-Swedish Youth Association with its 4 district organisations.

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