"We get a breakdown of Denmark, where the winners are the big cities with their educa-tion, good job opportunities and attractive culture. The losers can look forward to closures of schools and other welfare institutions. There are more holes in the roads, and a longer time before they are repaired“.

Lea Louise Holst Laursen, Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University

"Culture is the modern industrial policy (..). The transformation from industrial to knowledge society is

on-going. One of the prerequisites to attract skilled labor is well-functioning cultural and recreational opportunities“.

Development Manager Rune Larsson, Hjørring Municipality

Pilot course programmes

Aim of the pilot courses

The aim is to clarify the key findings of the previous pilot work and provide curricula for exemplary course packages to be tested.

Main activity

The jey activity is to design and test the curricula for in-service training courses for culture volunteers and managers working in sparsely populated areas. 

Essential course content

  • Local need and stakeholders analysis tools;
  • Project management methodology;
  • Team building tools.

Pedagogical form

  • Workshop (working on a case study of a specific group and place in smaller groups);
  • Place for exchange of experiences and ideas;
  • Combined with advisory sessions(after the training.

The national pilot course programmes

The Baltic Sea pilot course programme

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