Summary of project concept

During the last years, we have seen more political and public interest for reviving the rural and sparsely populated areas in the Baltic Sea Region.

In this project, we intend to develop new methods and approaches to revive the areas and secure sustainability by applying the ”citizen help citizen” or “peer to peer approach”, where civil society associations and their volunteers from the cross-cultural sector of amateur arts, voluntary culture, and heritage are engaged to provide available and involving arts and culture activities with an added value for civic and democratic participation and community bonding.

A leaflet can be downloaded here

The main activities and deliverables are:

First project year - 2016 - prepare and initiate pilot work:

1. Start-up management planning

2. Provide baseline survey

3. Plan the local pilot strategies

4. Initiate the local pilot work (1-2 pr partner country)

5. Initial dissemination, incl. design of project website, news-mails, social media, articles, etc

Second project year - 2017 - complete pilot work:

6. Implement the pilot results (1-2 pr organisation)

7. Complete, evaluate and present the outcome of the pilot work

8. Continue dissemination, incl. update website, news-mails, social media, articles, etc.

Third project year - 2018 - deliver and valorise multilateral results:

9. Publish a multilateral Pilot Work report, six languages, PDF-edition

10. Plan and test curricula for five regional training courses for culture volunteers

11. Plan and test curricula for an international Baltic Sea course for culture volunteers

12. Publish a multilateral Curricula Compendium, six languages, PDF-edition

13. Complete five national conferences

14. Final dissemination, incl. update website, news mails, social media, articles, meetings, etc.

The partnership circle includes six national/regional associations from Denmark, Finland, Lithuania,Poland and Belarus that is active in the field of voluntary culture, liberal adult education and civil society development.

This NGO project has been supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers' Programme for NGOs in the Baltic Sea Region.

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