The overall aim is to promote cross-cultural activities in the sparsely populated communities in the Baltic Sea region

with an added value for civic and democratic participation and community bonding.

The objectives are

  1. To develop innovative ways of outreach to citizens engaged in arts and culture to become resourceful volunteers in cross-cultural activities in the local communities.
  2. To develop high quality learning opportunities tailored on how to organise local cultural activities with an added value for civic participation and community bonding.
  3. To develop the abilities of the voluntary associations to cooperate with the main local stakeholders to initiate enlivening arts and culture opportunities in the local communities.
  4. To provide innovative pilot works in 1-2 sparsely populated communities in the participating countries areas.
  5. To develop appropriate methods to document and validate the practise of the organisations to fulfil these objectives.
  6. To provide a comprehensive dissemination of the results to the main target groups in the Baltic Sea region.

These objectives will be fulfilled during a 3-year project plan, including

  • to prepare and initiate the development work (first project year)
  • to implement and complete the local pilot work (second project year)
  • to deliver and disseminate multilateral results (third project year)

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